The weather is (finally) warming up! It’s a great time to spring into action and step up your movement goals. Get outside to check off your fresh air goals, soak up some vitamin D, a.k.a. a cup of sunshine, and feel instantly better.

Bike Rides

Find a destination to make bike rides extra fun. Springtime in many places coincides with farmer’s markets, art fairs, and music festivals. Beat the traffic and parking and take your bike, helmet and a lock. I love the big basket I have on my handlebars to keep all the little goodies inside when we go on bike ride adventures.  


Take a yoga mat outside and stretch along with the natural sounds of bird song.  For extra tranquility, play a soothing waterfall or ocean sounds soundtrack through your phone. Take in the forms of the clouds and if you have pets, chances are they will join you in your downward dog stretches!


Find new and interesting places to walk and hike. Look up parks and preserves. It can be worth the extra planning and effort to first drive to a new place and go on a special hike, especially on the weekends. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a healthy snack to go.


Have fun with ball sports outside. Practice pickleball or tennis techniques in the drive. Play four square or practice bumping a volleyball. Have a little bean bag? Play hacky sack or make a game like bean bag toss, hot potato or corn hole.


Call up a friend to join you on any of the above activities. Having a buddy to exercise with while also nailing your fresh air and movement goals is the number one best way to feel great this spring. Chat therapy goes a long way.