If you are looking for ways to amp up your family fitness, look no further! These 5 family fitness tips from Coach Lauren can help keep you and your loved ones motivated and active while having a blast and building memories! 

By getting everyone involved in some family fitness and activities, you can bond as you build healthy habits together and stay active during those precious months! 

  1. Be sure the activity works for everyone! One of the easiest ways to get everyone on board is to choose something that can be done with everyone. How do you do this? Make a list and brainstorm together! This can be a simple way to make sure each person in your family is on board. Plus, keep in mind that things like swimming or biking can be done at a pace that works best for everyone so those types of activities can be great “go-to” plans for all ages! 
  2. Keep things exciting and interesting! When you talk to your kids about getting active, be creative with the activities you all try. Try outside of the norm activities like laser tag, rock climbing, or putt-putt golf! 
  3. In the summer, cool off with some water-side activities. Family fitness in the summer can sound like a long-shot when you take into consideration those hot, hot days. But, it can be so refreshing when you explore activities that involve water! Search for a local pool, go to a local lake or beach, or even add a sprinkler to your backyard hose! All this fun means your family fitness won’t even feel like exercise. 
  4. Start a friendly competition among your family, friends, and neighbors. Work together to create an obstacle course you can all compete in that will surely end in bouts of laughter. Water balloon toss, tug-of-war, and potato sack races can be such a blast. Try having team names or themes to make it even more official! 
  5. Balance meals and ensure hydration is a priority. Keep a big pitcher or cooler available to ensure water is being consumed regularly. Work to make each meal balanced with half of the plate filled with green lights and also a lean protein and whole grains. Think of meals as a time to fuel up for the next activity and fun to come! 

Practice decision-making skills by allowing your family to choose an activity each day. If you have more than one child, take turns with who gets to decide the daily activity. This keeps things light and exciting to keep things fun instead of a chore!