Do you know what is the definition of the word ‘satiety’? It is the feeling or state of being sated, in other words, the feeling of being full after a meal. If you have never heard about the 20-minute rule, now is probably a good time to find out more as you can apply it to your own eating habits! It is also said to help in weight loss.

In general, it takes around 20 minutes to feel full once we start to eat.

Believe it or not, there is a whole science behind it! When we take our first bite, we chew and swallow our food to digest it in the stomach. During the processing of the food, satiety hormones are released and this acts as a signal that is sent to the brain. 20 minutes is found to be the amount of time required for your stomach to tell your brain to stop eating!

Applying this to our own meal times, if you eat faster than an average person, you may consume more calories before your brain registers that you are full. There will also be a tendency for you to ask for second helpings and overeat within the stipulated time.

So, what should we do about this? It’s time to slow down, let your body catch up to your brain and listen to your body. We can achieve better eating habits by just simple steps. They may sound like small actions but when you put the little factors together, good eating practices are cultivated!

1. Mindful eating helps!
Savour your meal and chew your food (at least 20 times) slowly and properly. Enjoy every bite and focus on the flavour profile and texture of your food. Put down your chopsticks/fork/spoon between bites.

2. Enjoy your company!
Have your meals as a family and start a conversation on how everyone’s day is going while you eat. This will enable you to have adequate pauses between each bite so you do not eat too quickly!

3. Apply to avoid snacking and second helpings!
If you are reaching for that chocolate bar on the kitchen counter, ask yourself if you are truly hungry. If unsure, drink a glass of water and wait for 20 minutes. Thirst can masquerade hunger sometimes! Staying hydrated reduces your between-meal cravings.

Remember to listen to your body and apply to 20-minute rule to satisfy your weight loss success!


Crystal is not only a Kurbo coach but also Kurbo’s social media guru! She loves to try out workout videos on Youtube especially fun dances that keeps her active. She strives to put her nutritional counselling experience into use and to inspire others find a fun way to keep fit.