Fourteen-year-old Jordan has a great Kurbo success story, as she lost 25 pounds in four months using the Kurbo app and Kurbo Coaching. She now exercises everyday, knows how to make healthy food choices, and has the tools and support she needs to manage her weight and feel great.**


Before Kurbo Health, Jordan was embarrassed with the way she looked and didn’t know how to take the first step to manage her weight.

“I was so self-conscious and I really cared about my appearance, but I thought it would take a lot of work to lose weight and I didn’t even know where to begin. I tried to lose weight by eating less junk food and exercising more, but  I was still eating foods that weren’t healthy, and I didn’t have the motivation to stick with it. I didn’t even realize that I  was eating so many red-light foods.  There was no one to support me and my weight and BMI continued to go up.”

Pressured to lose weight, Jordan quits skating…..

Jordan loved to ice skate and was a competitive figure skater at the local rink. But to continue moving forward with skating, Jordan’s coach was blunt – she needed to be in better shape and lose weight. This was really discouraging for Jordan. Without practical tools to help her manage her weight, Jordan decided to stop skating all together.

Learning about Kurbo Health…..

Like most teens, Jordan had a hard time sharing her unhappiness about her appearance with Mom.  And like most parents, it is hard to admit when your child is struggling – with anything. Then came the wake-up call. Jordan’s doctor informed the family that her BMI was too high. Gaining control over her health needed to become a priority, otherwise she would be at risk for Type II Diabetes causing a lifetime of health issues.  Jordan’s mother learned about Kurbo through a friend and liked that it was designed specifically for kids and teens.

“When my mom first told me about Kurbo, I thought “YES!”  I was motivated and wanted to do something for a long time – but I never knew how to tell her I was unhappy with my weight.  I was embarrassed to talk about it. Now she was coming to me with something that could actually help and I was so happy to give it a try!”

Jordan’s Experience with the Kurbo App

“My experience with the Kurbo app has been so positive.  The app was really handy – I especially liked being about to open it up and use it anytime.  When I ate something, I immediately tracked it. Kurbo helped me really think about what and when I was eating.”

Favorite features:  “I liked setting goals for myself and adjusted my food choices based on what was happening each day.  I found Kurbo games useful, and really liked eating-out tips from the Kurbo Guide.”

Jordan’s Experience with her Kurbo Coach

Jordan talks to her coach, Allison, once a week. “Allison was always there motivating me.  Even if I was having a bad week, she was keeping me going and telling me its okay. It’s good to have someone there to motivate you along the way.  If I didn’t have a Kurbo Coach, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

The benefit of Kurbo Health Coaching

Before Kurbo, Mom felt that she was always “nagging” Jordan to watch what she was eating.  The stressful dynamic between mother and daughter completely changed as soon as Allison, Jordan’s Kurbo Coach came into the picture. Allison empowered Mom to take a step back and support Jordan, rather than playing “food police”.

“Jordan listened to her coach in a way she would never listen to me. The minute I stopped ‘irritating’ Jordan about what she was eating and let her take responsibility, she became interested in being healthy. She tracked her foods, became an avid runner, and took responsibility for her actions. She did the work.  I think that having a coach was a key component to the program,” shared Jordan’s Mom.

Kurbo Coach Allison and Jordan work together. On their weekly calls, Allison and Jordan created concrete weekly action plans to help Jordan reach her goals. For example, Allison helped Jordan figure out a challenging but reachable red-light food goals each week. They would also plan on how much exercise Jordan would try to get each day and how she would accomplish this. Planning ahead and working together kept Jordan motivated beyond when she would normally give up.

“Allison was there to motivate and encourage me all the time.  Simple (yet powerful) words like “You’re doing great.  Look back and realize how far you have come.’ — these words continue to make me feel so good about myself.”

“It’s been amazing to see Jordan’s confidence grow in just a short time using the Kurbo app and working with me. She has done incredibly well and should be so proud of herself,” shares Allison, Jordan’s Kurbo Coach.

Allison and Jordan continue to meet once a week for 10-15 minutes on the phone to check in and keep Jordan on track. Although Jordan has made tremendous progress she still works hard to reach her healthiest weight for her height and age.

Setting Jordan up for success….

Jordan’s mom was serious about setting Jordan up for success inside and outside the home.  The kitchen is now stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables all the time.  They look at food labels and only purchase products that support healthy eating.  They keep very little “junk” food in the home, and now enjoy finding healthy recipes and cooking them together.

Making exercise a routine has helped Jordan stay focused – in fact, it has also become a top priority for the entire family. Jordan dances every Monday after school. On Tuesday, she runs a couple miles in the neighborhood. Wednesday mornings Jordan and Dad take a spin class at a local gym.  And Thursday and Friday are with yoga days! She is also trying new activities like water polo!

“I love how the program is teaching her about the right foods to eat, and how to eat in moderation and consideration. I also love how she is getting me into the swing of health eating and exercise too.”

As Jordan changed her eating and exercise habits, her weight loss followed……

“I now see everything I eat in green, yellow and red light colors (traffic-light system).”

“I want to continue Skyping with Kurbo Coach (even after I am at my ideal weight) because I don’t want to lose the motivation.”   

Jordan recommends Kurbo to other Kids and Teens

“I would absolutely recommend Kurbo to my friends.  You have to want to make a change. Once you decide you want really want to get healthy, Kurbo is there to help you. If you put in the effort, you will see results. Using the Kurbo app was not hard – it was actually easy.  I tell my friends you might  as well give Kurbo a shot because you never know what could happen.  In my case, I lost weight and I feel a lot better about myself.”

Everyone is doing Kurbo!

Jordan soon discovered that she was not alone in wanting to get healthier and feel better. In fact, a lot of her friends are doing Kurbo too and she did not even know it.

“I was at the Santa Cruz boardwalk for a birthday party and standing next to a friend who was about to order cheese on her sandwich.  She said “wait, I can’t have it because it is a red-light”.  I turned to her and said, are you on Kurbo?  We laughed because we were both on Kurbo.”

Coach Allison was featured in this article. Watch her video below:

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.