14-year-old Cross Country Runner and Actor, Noah, is a Kurbo All-Star!**

14-year-old Cross Country Runner and Actor, Noah, is a Kurbo All-Star!**

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This past summer, we wrote a success story on Kurbo teen, Noah! Since then, Noah has seen continued success and surpassed his Kurbo goals. When I started Kurbo, my goals were to lose weight, so I can be more active. Now, I’ve grown 5 inches and lost 10 pounds, and most importantly lowered my BMI from 30 to 24.** That’s more than I expected to achieve when I decided to do Kurbo as my New Year’s Resolution one year ago. I feel like I can do so much more and I’m so much happier!”

So, how does Noah do it?

Well, one of the major changes that Noah’s Kurbo Coach helped him make was joining the school cross-country team. “When I started doing cross-country I really didn’t want to do it, because I knew it would be tiring. I didn’t exercise a lot at the time. But Coach Jonathan motivated me to try something new and stick to it. Once I got into running and started running more, I made a lot of friends on the team and got faster and faster. Now, I love to run!”

Noah is also an actor and theater has played a huge part in his Kurbo journey  For instance, Noah uses rehearsals as an opportunity to get in his daily exercise. “I make sure I am active and moving around as much as I can so I can count those minutes towards my exercise goal.I use every spare second of free time I have to get in my exercise at rehearsal, or to do my homework so I have more time to exercise at home.”

Noah also uses his passion for theater as a source of motivation. “Theater kids need to be be able  to wear heavy costumes under hot stage lights. The better shape I am in, the better actor I’ll be and that has kept me motivated. I know that I feel and look better on stage than ever before. “

And we want to give Noah a big shout out for his recent performance as Donkey in Shrek The Musical! You’re a star!

14-year-old Cross-Country Runner and Actor, Noah, is a Kurbo All-Star!

In addition, Noah has a ton of support from his mom, Maura, when it comes to healthy eating. We go out to eat WAY less. We used to go out to eat at least 3 times a week and now we go once a month,” Maura shares. “We have found a lot of healthy recipes to make at home and cook at home and we don’t really buy any red light foods for the house. We also spend a lot more time talking about food and planning our meals together. The meal changes have been beneficial for the whole family. And there is the feeling, in our family, that we are in it together and all supporting each other.”

One of Noah and Maura’s favorite meals to cook together is a mac-n-cheese makeover. It’s macaroni and cheese with light cheese, broccoli and turkey bacon. But the secret ingredient is butternut squash, which helps to makes it creamy, so there is a lot less cheese added!

One thing that Noah and Maura have learned from Kurbo is that tracking is SO important. “Kurbo is not just about eating healthy,” Maura says. “It’s about consciously knowing what you are eating. It is so helpful to track at a consistent time everyday, so you can account for what you have eaten and account for events in the week so you don’t run out of red lights. And the Kurbo app makes tracking easy and fun!”

Maura has seen a huge change in Noah and in herself since starting Kurbo. “Noah is now more confident in everything he is doing . He’s happier more energetic and more willing to hop up and do things.  For me, Kurbo has also relieved a lot of stress. I was always worried about what we were going to eat that night and if I had what I needed to make a meal. This constant underlying stress is now gone. And, as a bonus, I’ve lost 10 pounds!”

One of the things Maura loves most about Kurbo is that it is sustainable. “I’ve tried many things throughout my life. This is the only thing that seems natural, that has made an impact and that we can do for our whole life. When Noah goes off to college in 4 years, I am confident that he will know how to be healthy on his own, how to plan ahead, go to the grocery store and stay active.”

We are so proud of you Noah! You are an inspiration to all Kurbo kids!

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**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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