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Why Kurbo?


It’s Easy and Fun

Easily track food choices & exercise with our mobile health app. Fun tips and games educate about healthy eating and fitness.


Get Expert Support

Encouraging, expert personal coaches–who you meet with via video chat at your convenience–help you set goals, motivate you and hold you accountable. For kids and teens, this means parents are no longer the food police.


It Works

This is not a fad diet or calorie counter, and does not require eating special foods. 90% of participants lose weight or lower BMI in the first 3 months, and keep it off.

How Kurbo Works


Participants learn the proven “Traffic Light” food system—green, yellow, red—that helps you eat healthier with no giving up faves or using outmoded, unhealthy calorie counting.

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Track your eating and exercise via our mobile app.  Meet each week with your personal coach via video chat to set goals for the week.

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Get Results

Daily, weekly custom tips and feedback help you achieve goals, get fit, lose weight, have more energy and confidence.

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A Few of Our Success Stories*

Kurbo is helping kids, teens, families and individuals around the world achieve their goals to get fit, lose weight, have more energy and confidence.

*These are testimonials from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.

Parent coach

Expert Help to Create a Healthy Home

Parents have an incredible opportunity to help their kids develop healthy food and exercise habits.

Work with an expert Kurbo coach to learn tips and tricks that will help you create a healthy environment in your home and encourage your family to make the right choices.

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Get started with a free 7-day trial!

Choose the plan that is right for you. All plans offer a free 7-day trial.

1 Month
Kurbo Coaching Plan
First Week Free**
3 Months
Kurbo Coaching Plan
First Week Free**
6 Months
Kurbo Coaching Plan
First Week Free**

All plans include these four elements


1-on-1 Video Coaching

and goal-setting on your phone with a trained Kurbo coach every week.

24/7 expert support

through email, text messages and phone calls.


Food and fitness tracker

easy enough for kids and teens, but adults love it too.


Nutrition education

through entertaining games and videos.

See if Kurbo is right for your family

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to talk to us about Kurbo Coaching