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Our health coaches and mobile weight loss program delivers life-changing results for kids, teens and families.

1:1 Expert Coaching

Weekly live coaching keeps kids motivated and accountable.

Daily coaching texts empower kids to make better choices.

24/7 support means parents do not have to be food police.

Mobile App

Tracks daily food choices and exercise.

Teaches through videos, games and tutorials.

Improves food literacy and monitors progress.

(Download the iOS and Android app now.)


90% of kids lose weight or reduce their BMI within three months.

Improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sustained weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Meet some of our healthy heroes.

Kurbo teens, kids, and parents are taking charge of their health and getting great results.

  • Jordan, 14

    "My coach Allison is always there to motivate and encourage me."

  • Laila, 10

    "I was eating a lot of reds before! Now I only have about 3 reds a day!"

  • Riya, 12

    “I feel a lot healthier in 3 months!”

  • Tyler, 13

    "I use what I have learned from Kurbo everyday. It has really changed my life."

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  • Stacey

    "Dinner time now is back to being where we sit, we visit, we laugh, and we giggle."

  • Alannah, 8

    "I just feel healthier. I like tracking and games. They are just fun."

  • Trini

    "I feel a lot happier with how I am."

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    Be your own success story. Start Kurbo Today!

  • Keiko & MacKenzie

    "My daughter smiles more, has a better attitude, and she is just radiant."

  • Maya

    "Eating only a maximum amount of reds has really helped me make healthier choices."

  • Emilie, 11

    "My Kurbo Coach was great!"

  • More Success Stories

    Be your own success story. Start Kurbo Today!

  • Marcelo

    "Today I feel good. Actually, I feel great. I've been getting more exercise, I've lost more weight, and I eat better."

  • Lexi, 8

    "I feel like I am getting faster"

  • Tina

    "It empowered my daughter and she now feels more in control and better about her life"

Allison Soccer player, Youth mentor

Johnathan Athlete, Musician

Mike USA Skeleton Team, Outdoorsman

Arielle Baking Instructor, Meditation Teacher

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