Kurbo Success Stories

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Meg and Carol

“To be honest, I never thought that positive encouragement would help me lose weight. But every week Meg’s coach would tell us we could do it and over time our taste buds and cravings changed. I went from eating huge bowls of sugary cereal every day for breakfast, to craving spinach with an egg on top. I never thought I would like that.”

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“I stopped begging for unhealthy foods at the grocery store. Now I beg for fruit instead,” Rebecca exclaims proudly! “If I pick a red light, it is one of my favorite red lights. If we eat a red light one day, we say no to a different red light later on in the week. And if we know we have something coming up at the end of the week, like a party, we eat less reds at the start of the week.”

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“Since he knows how to read a food label, I see him consciously putting down red light foods in the snack section of the supermarket. That’s exciting to see as a parent.”

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“When I started doing cross-country I really didn’t want to do it, because I knew it would be tiring. I didn’t exercise a lot at the time. But Coach Jonathan motivated me to try something new and stick to it. Once I got into running and started running more, I made a lot of friends on the team and got faster and faster. Now, I love to run!”

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“I was eating a lot of reds before! Now I only have about 3 reds a day!  It was hard in the beginning, but knowing how many reds I could have each week and having a goal really helped.”

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“I don’t have to police him because Kurbo stepped in, which has let him manage himself. It is nice to not have to meddle or nag him,” said Xander’s mom Terry.

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“Before I started Kurbo, I felt self-conscious. Now, I feel more confident, healthier, and I am more comfortable in my skin. My family and I are making healthier choices and exercising together regularly. I feel motivated because I’m glad I chose to do this! I know getting off track can happen but I want to keep it up!”

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“My employer offered Kurbo as a benefit and after researching it further, it seem like a good solution for us. It’s very important we maintain a healthy weight as a family,” said Jillian’s mom Dionne

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“I began eating cautiously and I started to become more active. This healthy lifestyle also helped build up my concentration and mindset towards getting things done and not to give up.”

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“I’m realizing that a lot of foods I thought were healthy actually aren’t. I’ve been experimenting a lot in the kitchen to cook more healthy foods.”

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“We were hesitant to try Kurbo out, but after the first month of the trial we could see that Kurbo explains things not only in terms that Libby would understand, but it is also something sustainable that we could do as a family.”

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“Before Kurbo, I would say, ‘hey that looks yummy let’s buy it, let’s buy the entire dessert aisle, and all of the Oreos!’ Now we just go get milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. We still have sweet stuff, but even the sweet stuff is healthier than what we’d had before because we have learned how to analyze labels.”

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“I like that every week I get to talk to Coach Ann Marie. It has really helped having another person besides my family to help my through my journey.”

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“Today I feel good. Actually, I feel great. I’ve been getting more exercise, I’ve lost more weight, and I eat better. Another thing is that my clothes fit better now. I used to wear husky pants, but now I don’t. Every time I get dressed and look in the mirror, I know that I am getting closer and closer to my weight loss goal and that keeps me motivated.”

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“I love my Kurbo Coach! Her name is Monica. The second I started talking to her she was even more excited about my journey than I was. She tells me that I inspire her, which is such a nice thing to hear from someone you look up to.”

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*These are testimonials from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.

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Kurbo has transformed our whole family. Our grocery cart has transformed, too! I used to buy a lot of junk food without really knowing the impact. We don't order pizza like we used to and now we try new recipes, like the Kurbo Mac and Cheese or making our own pita chips. There are so many positives and I feel better as a mom.

Ella's mom, Jeanne

*These are testimonials from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.


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Is weight loss for kids common with Kurbo?

While weight loss for kids is very common with Kurbo, it is not always the main objective. At Kurbo, we focus on building healthy habits and changing behaviors.

How does Kurbo health coaching help children make healthier lifestyle choices?

Kurbo health coaching helps children lose weight by building healthy habits through the use of a mobile app and personal coach. With the mobile app, children are able to track their food choices using our Traffic Light System (which is based on 30 years of research at Stanford) that classifies food by green, yellow and red lights, making it easy for kids to do themselves. Their personal coach will help explain this system, set personalized goals and partner with kids to think through strategies to help them succeed. Our Kurbo coaches are highly trained to offer personalized supportive accountability to clients, ensuring that each kid has a partner to troubleshoot roadblocks that might arise that are preventing them from meeting their goals.

Is Kurbo for adults too?

Many adults have done the Kurbo Program, either with their children or on their own. Over 8 out of 10 adults lose weight on the Kurbo Program. Adults use the program for general health coaching, to exercise more, to develop better eating habits, and to live a healthier life. Our health coaches are trained to work with both men and women.

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